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Welcome back! We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and returns to school sun-tanned and well rested! Those summer months seemed to fly by this year. It’s always a challenge readjusting to busy fall routines. I for one will miss my nap!

There are a lot of new families coming into the school this year and we want to welcome you to our school! Working in the classroom is the best part of being in a co-op so just relax and enjoy yourself. While there are lots schedules and lists of duties, Ann and I don’t want you to stress about the details. At the end of the day it all gets done and everyone has had a good time! After a few parent-helping days it will begin to feel routine and you’ll wonder why you ever worried about it in the first place.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the summer cleanup and to the board members who have been busy all summer. Your children will be excited to see the results of all your efforts!

Ann and I have been busy preparing the room and making plans for the coming school year. We look forward to meeting your children and making new friends.

The South County Pre-K prides itself on holding true to the “a child’s play is their work” philosophy. We have been very fortunate over the years to be able to have teachers and teacher aids who keep this philosophy in the forefront of the curriculum.

Read the stories of our wonderful teachers in the links!

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