Ann Collins


Ann Collins (Ms. Ann) is SCPC’s Assistant Teacher and 4’s Extended Day Teacher. She lives and breathes SCPC’s mantra of “A child’s play is his work” and thinks that children learn and retain through fun activities. Ms. Ann brings her background in fine arts to the classroom every day, teaching the children about the creative world of colors, painting, crafts, and more. SCPC has been lucky to have her, since 1993, when she brought with her previous experience from Mayo Nursery School. 

Through teaching, Ms. Ann is helping to fulfill her objectives as a little girl – to be a mommy, teacher, and artist. In addition to her work at SCPC, Ms. Ann co-directs and teaches her Children’s church preschool program and helps to facilitate Vacation Bible School each summer. She has always loved being with children, toys, and children’s books. Her Extended Day program on Monday afternoons is a reflection of her passion. It is an enrichment program filled with art, music, stories and fun. Ms. Ann brings in special guests once per month from different areas, including musicians, actors, story tellers, archeologists, naturalists and fitness coaches. 

The only one in her family born in the United States (her father born in Hungary and mother and sister in Austria), Ms. Ann has lived in Riva, MD since 1980. Her husband of 25 years, Ty, is a concrete mixer driver and is a big hit with the students when he brings his mixer truck to school during SCPC’s "Community Helpers" unit. Ms. Ann also loves spending time with her two sons, daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren, who are all close by. Her hobbies outside of family and school are doing counted cross-stitch, sewing, drawing, painting, gardening, music and baking.

She holds an Associates of Fine Arts Degree from Montgomery College, her 90-hour certification in Child Development and Curriculum and the 45-hour certification in administration to be a Director. She has been a mainstay in pre-kindergarten education in the South County area for 30 years and we couldn’t be prouder to have her.

A note from Ms. Ann: Even after 30 years of teaching, I still learn from my children at school, my co-workers and wonderful parents I am fortunate to work with. I am still constantly amazed by what "my" kids say and do and their boundless love and energy! I look forward to many more years of making sure your children have "a whale of a time!" We are so lucky to have Ms. Holly and Ms. Diana at our sweet school. The three of us make a great team!