Ann Collins

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! What can I say about myself after all these years! That was a quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, by the way-so that shows you how old I am!  

I have lived in this area all my life-born in D.C; then moved to the Maryland suburbs of Wheaton when I was 5. I was one of those “hippies” in high school and an art major in college. I got married and worked as a commercial artist (a job that does not exist anymore because of the computer age) until we moved to Riva and I had my babies. When my boys were a little older, I began working as an aide for Barbara at Mayo Nursery School, then followed her here to SCPC in 1993. And here I am! I enjoy working in my garden, painting, sewing, baking, and playing with my grandsons. Throw in some dragons, cats , my faith and the color purple, and that is me in a nutshell. (Very nutty….)

My husband of 21 years is Ty-and the best way to describe him is, “he gets me.” You know -that person that shares the one-liners from favorite movies, and you relish those together times when we are binge-watching a TV series, or sharing a hot dog at a Baysox game. Ty (also known as “Pa”) drives a cement mixer for Chaney Enterprises to the delight of his grandsons. We have 2 cats-Mootsie and Boo who are getting old and crotchety and hide when the grandkids come over.    My son Justin and his lovely wife Mandy live in Crownsville and run Happy Tails Pet Resort. Justin is also the associate pastor of our church in Riva. (Proud Mommy plug!) Mandy writes for Chesapeake Family Magazine and takes care of their two adorable sons-James 3 1/2 (hey-that name sounds familiar!) and Luke -almost 2.   My son Drew and his lovely wife Kati live in Severna Park. Drew is the manager of West Marine in Glen Burnie, and Kati is a nurse practitioner at Weems Creek Medical Center. They have a precious one year old named Ryan. Needless to say, we are extremely blessed to live in such close proximity of our family! We spend lots of time with our children and grandchildren (and my mom (Great Grandmommy) who lives in Heritage Harbour.)   I am also blessed to have worked with Miss Barbara for so long. Not only is she a good friend and co-worker, but she is also a good role model to me, and helps keep me anchored in what’s important to our school.   If there is anything I have learned-its to see the world through the eyes of a child. The Moody Blues had it right when they sang, “With the eyes of a child you must come out and see that your world’s spinning ’round and through life you will be a small part of a hope of a love that exists. In the eyes of a child you will see.” I love to see Ryan’s excitement  when we sing Itsy Bitsy Spider or Baby Shark. I crack up when James opens his mouth with a mouth full of spaghetti and says, “Blaaaahhh!” (Thanks to his “Pa”!) I am warmed to my heart when Luke finds joy in climbing up and sliding down the slide over and over again.   One of the most wonderful parts of my job is that I learn from my students. 

For instance, I have learned new jokes: 

Child: ” Knock knock!”

Me: ” Who’s there?”

Child: ” Underwear! Tee hee hee!!!”

Child: ” What do you get when you cross underwear with pants?” 

Me: ” What?” 

Child: ” Underpants!”  

I also learned that dragons and dinosaurs are cousins. And that Yoda should now be referred to as “Master Yoda”. I was also recently told that my hair is not white because I’m old, but because I’m “frozen”. So there you have it.  Whether stomping around the room like an elephant, painting huge murals on the floor, building castles with bricks, or tirelessly pushing the tire swing (no pun intended!), know that I am learning with your children and we are having a “whale of a time” while we are doing it!