4's Corner

Additional Information

The fours enjoyed all the Halloween activities and songs last month. Ann & I enjoyed their imaginations and enthusiasm. We did a lot of story writing. We hope everyone enjoyed reading all their stories.

Our “Star of the Day” activity is completed for now. They have been very patient waiting their turns – and it is very hard to wait your turn to be star! We will return to this activity in January with a little bit of a twist.

Our units this month will center on Native Americans and Thanksgiving. During this unit we will set up our tepee and make Indian costumes. Each child needs to bring in a white t-shirt (large enough so they can wear it over their own clothes) by November 7th. These shirts are really quite nice when they are finished and you may want to splurge on a new pack of t-shirts. We will end the unit on November 18th with a special snack.

Our Native American Presentation will be held on November 28th . The program will be held from 11:00-12:00 for both classes in Ford Hall. Because of the extended time, the afternoon class will end at 2:00. We hope this isn’t too inconvenient for the afternoon class. Parents are encouraged to attend and siblings are welcome. Last year’s presentation featured several Native American dancers.

During the month we will also be emphasizing numbers, counting skills and one to one correspondence. Four year olds love working on their counting skills and we have a lot of fun games and readiness activities. The letter box will bring two new letters. We hope everyone is enjoying their “ABC book” to put their pages in each time the letter box arrives Once again, if you have any questions or concerns, please talk with me. 

Please feel free to call me at home, (410) 798-6612, or email me at 

Our Four’s Program

Our Fours Program builds upon the skills from the Three’s Program, and adds:

  • Name writing
  • Letter recognition
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Expanded language opportunities 
    • Story writing
    • Journal writing
  • Number recognition
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Solving simple math problems
  • Create a simple pattern
  • Explore simple science concepts such as “sink” and “float”, magnetism, etc.

Optional Extended Enrichment Day Program:

Items needed for Extended Days:

1. Mat or blanket to rest on

2. Lunch/drink

3. Imaginations!

After the morning class dismissal at 12:00, the children that are staying will take a short rest (15-30 minutes) with soft music playing.

Then we will wash hands and get our lunches and eat lunch together. The children will then read books and do puzzles while we clean up the tables and get the classroom ready for the extended day.

Then we will have a “gathering time” to let everyone know what we will be doing. Activities include an experiment or interactive story. 

Every month we will have a “special guest” that will enrich the children with drama, science, music, creative movement and other activities. We will also learn about an artist every month and do lots of art projects. We will “travel” somewhere each month with our imaginations and we will also make a scroll story- similar to the journal writing Miss Barbara does, but with pictures glued together to form a “scroll.” The children will also have a free play time, a story and outside time.